Max Powers is a typical 12-year-old super genius. He loves everything about science, is extremely gifted in physics and loves to study game theory. Like most nerdy kids, he’s socially awkward and shy. When he’s invited to attend the Summer Genius Program at Scientopia amusement park, strange things start to happen. Max and his friends soon discover that he has a mysterious connection to the park. Only Max can reveal Scientopia’s hidden secrets.

Hannah Phan is Max’s best friend and a scientific genius. Her brain power and unusually curly hair make Hannah stand out in a crowd. Unlike Max, she is comfortable with being different and tries to help Max become more confident. Hannah loves astrophysics and astronomy and has excellent spatial relation skills.

Ryan Fairchild is Max’s rival. He’s everything that Max wishes he could be. Confident, handsome and brilliant, 12-year-old Ryan has everything going for him, and lets everyone know it!

Kaylee Johnson is an up-and-coming pop singer. She’s only 14 but her show is one of the top attractions at Scientopia. Kaylee is impressed by Max and the rest of the kids in the Summer Genius program because of their intelligence.

Alistair T. Pfefferbottom is Scientopia’s world-famous ani-droid and park ambassador. His trademark top hat, round belly and infectious charm have made him the number one attraction at the park. Alistair is the most advanced, lifelike robot ever created.

Verner  Hoff, part Albert Einstein, part Walt Disney and part Willy Wonka, was the founder of Scientopia. He built the amusement park as a showcase for his creations and as a way to promote his love of science. Before his death, he hid his greatest ideas in Scientopia

Steve Hunter was Verner Hoff’s business partner and now the owner and director of Scientopia. Steve’s technology skills and marketing genius made Scientopia a world-famous phenomena. He wants Scientopia to be as popular as it was before Hoff died. Steve has mixed feelings about Max discovering secrets he has been seeking for years.

Sergey Mamontov was part of the original team that designed and built Scientopia. Although he is a genius, Sergey was difficult to work with and was forced to leave the park. When Max’s connection to Scientopia is revealed, Sergey realizes that this may be his opportunity to reclaim his greatest invention.